Trademarked as the Houseboat Capital of Canada, Sicamous offers the unique experience of houseboating that welcomes thousands of visitors each year.  Shuswap Lake is one of the most popular recreational destinations in BC and offers more than 1000 kilometers of shoreline to explore.  This activity is a great way to vacation with family and friends, lazily drifting along the lake, taking in the gorgeous mountain views. Each night, build a campfire on the beach and watch the beautiful sunset, then stargaze from your upper deck hot tub.

Where some focus on the peaceful, relaxing and calm...others are passionate about the exhilaration, awe, fun, excitement and adventure.


  • Rent a paddle board or kayak from one of our Sicamous vendors to take on the houseboat
  • Bring your diving gear to explore the NINE dive sites on Shuswap Lake
  • Pull your houseboat up to Hyde Mountain Golf Course dock and shoot a round before dining on their outdoor patio
  • Take in some beautiful waterfalls - Margaret Falls & Albas Falls are a quick walk from where you beach your houseboat
  • Feeling thirsty? Hit the Sea Store & the Shark Shack: floating convenience store and restaurant located in the Narrows, where the 4 lake arms converge. You can also park at a variety of lakeside restaurants and pubs located in the Channel & Old Town Bay
  • Enjoy a winery tour at Sunnybrae Winery, where you can pull your houseboat up to the beach and taste some amazing local wines
  • Bring your mountain bike and explore the bike trails accessible by houseboat that will challenge the mind & body
  • Keep your eyes open for the Indigenous Pictographs still visible on the rock cliffs around the lake

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