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Did you know there are NINE beaches in the Sicamous area?

August 1 2023
Explore Sicamous DYK

Did you know that there are NINE beaches in the Sicamous area? Some of these hidden gems are accessible by car and others are perfect destinations for a day on the lake. Pack your beach essentials and get exploring!

  1. Sicamous Beach Park

    • Sicamous Beach Park is located right in town and offers a beautiful sandy beach with a designated swim area and floating dock. The playground equipment is recently updated and there is a splash water park for the kids! The Beach Park offers TWO refreshed beach volleyball courts, picnic tables and benches. The concession opened in 2022 and offers cold drinks and snacks!
    • The Sicamous Beach Park is accessible via Finlayson Street or Silver Sands Road. There is parking available in both places, but (local secret) the lot on Silver Sands Road is often quieter.
  2. Flocky's Beach

    • Previously known as Two Mile Beach, this quite and serene area was recently re-named in memory of NHLer Rob Flockhart, who grew up in Sicamous. While Flocky's Beach has fewer amenities than the Sicamous Beach Park, it offers a beautiful and peaceful white-sand spot on Mara Lake. There is a picnic table and small parking lot at Flocky's Beach.
    • Enjoy amazing sunsets, a lighthouse and views of Mara Hills Golf Course!
    • Flocky's Beach is located at the end of Tecumseh Road.
    • Read more about Flocky's Beach in this blog post by Exploratory Glory!
  3. Cartier Beach

    • Cartier Beach is located the end of Cartier Road in the Two Mile subdivision, just farther down Mara Lake than Flocky's Beach.
  4. Mara Provincial Park

  5. Marble Point Provincial Park

    • This spot within the Shuswap Lake Marine Park offers a beautiful beach accessible only by boat. There are spectacular sunset views and short hiking trail!
    • Hit the lake
  6. Neilson Beach

    • Neilson Beach located in the Shuswap Lake Marine Park is only accessible by boat and offers a wide gravel beach. A popular spot for houseboaters looking for a party!
    • Neilson Beach extends north from the Narrows along the east side of Seymour arm.
  7. Serenity Beach

    • Serenity Beach is one of many river beaches in the Sicamous area! As river levels drop, many beautiful sandbars are exposed on the Eagle River.
    • Find Serenity Beach by heading east on the Trans Canada Highway!
    • Check out the map on page 35 of the Explore Sicamous Visitor Experience Guide (look for beach #7!).
  8. Shannon Beach

    • Shannon Beach is located up the lake near Eagle Bay. Explore 400 metres of Shuswap shoreline and pack some snacks to enjoy the small picnic area overlooking the lake. You can swim in from a boat or drive and walk a short trail crossing Eagle Bay Road to get to Shannon Beach!
    • Shannon Beach is located just past 5248 Eagle Bay Road. Get directions from Shuswap Tourism or check out the map on pageĀ 35 of the Explore Sicamous Visitor Experience Guide (look for beach #8!).
  9. Annis Bay

    • Located just 4.8 miles from Sicamous, Annis Bay is a well-known fishing spot for fly fishing, baitcasting and angling.
    • Annis Bay is accessible by boat. Head up Salmon Arm!
    • Check out the map on pageĀ 35 of the Explore Sicamous Visitor Experience Guide (look for beach #9!)

Did you visit any of these beaches in the Sicamous area? Make sure to share your pics and tag @ExploreSicamous on Instagram and Facebook! We love helping you find places to explore.

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