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The Big Trees of Sicamous

March 15 2023
Shuswap Adventure Girl

Did you know that the Shuswap is home to the incredible inland temperate rainforest of British Columbia? The giant Cedar trees of Malakwa, B.C., are among the largest recorded in the entire Shuswap region.

Located on the Eagle River, this stand is over 400 years old.

It’s hard to comprehend that age and their sheer size, but with names like  “Cedar Sister” and “Grandmother of the Eagle” - which measures a whopping 3.21 m in diameter and 37m tall, you get the picture.

The Eagle River, Perry River, North Fork, and Malakwa areas represent our forests' Wet belt, Interior Cedar/ Hemlock biogeoclimatic zone. (ICH)

Eagle River Nature Trail, Malakwa, 12 km east of Sicamous.

+\- 6 Km of easy loop trails

Find it on the Shuswap Trails: Eagle River Nature Park

Blog Post: Shuswap Adventure Girl

The Big Trees of Sicamous

Pictures: Shuswap Adventure Girl